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I've been going to Sound for a year now. Wouldn't see anyone else!They're crucial in relieving my serious neck and back pain. They're the best!!

Lindsay S

How To Prepare

We work with a lot of people using insurance benefits and know that plans vary widely within each insurance company. It can get confusing!  This list will help you understand what should be checked prior to booking your insurance massage:

Deductible has been met (and if it applies to your massage visits)

Copay/coinsurance that will apply to massage sessions

Number of visits allowed per year (and if that is combined with chiropractic and/or physical therapy)

Prescriptions are required with some plans but not all

Referral directly to Sound Wellness Massage may or may not be required

Client Testimonials

Have A Different Carrier?

You may still be eligible for quite a discount on massage services and it's fairly simple!

You will need to pay our full rate at the time of service. We then email you an invoice (showing paid in full) within two business days. This document will contain all the pertinent information your insurance company will need. Just print and mail the paper to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Note: You may want to check your plan rates for out of network massage providers (and the information at the top of this page regarding deductibles and such) prior to coming in.

Already confused and slightly intimidated?  We do this all the time... let us check for you!

I was looking for a massage therapist to learn my body, find my tension and aches, and know just what I needed. At Sound Wellness they listened and did just that. I was so excited to find them I booked my next 5 appointments right away! Great online booking tool too!

Tai C


Currently accepting Regence, Lifewise, and Premera

Please read even if you have another carrier! 

The Next Step-Scheduling

Once we know your policy provisions we can start scheduling.  The only restrictions will be based on your prescription (if required). For example: if your prescription is for twice monthly we cannot book you for twice a week.

Deductible Hasn't Been Met?

You still can come in! We'll just need you to pay our contracted rate with your insurance company (typically around $60) at the time of service. We then submit a claim to your company to credit the session towards your deductible.