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Knowledge Is Power

We believe in education. Your therapist will also explain ways to maximize the benefits of your session that day, guide you in self care plans, and instruct you in how to further your healing process so that you can increase your overall well-being. Every time. Learn more about how to help yourself in between sessions.

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Our Services

Your therapist will discuss your goals for the massage with you prior to the service. You will then receive a focused, intuitive, therapy based massage approached with the intention of soothing your pains, decreasing your stress and improving your mobility. Whether your objectives are deep muscular release, postural and structural realignment, or just to relax and find your center.... your best possible health is our mission. Find out more about our services and pricing.

I would definitely recommend Sound Wellness. I've had massages from both Christina and Johanna and both were great. I've only been there twice but I appreciate the consistency of the quality of massage that they offer. I've been to other places that were hit or miss but Sound Wellness seems very reliable. - Chuck D.

The environment for the massage is serene, clean, quiet and very relaxing. -Paul B.

Great ambiance, very easy to find, free parking, very professional, overall a great experience. -Anonymous.

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Who We Are

At Sound Wellness Massage we recognize that no two people walk the same walk of life. Therefore, no two people will need the exact same massage treatment. It is our philosophy to treat each client with an individually tailored session in a comforting and nurturing environment. Meet our therapists and read what people are saying!